November Thoughts

As November is nearly over, and we head face first into December… I thought i’d take the time to review my year so far. 

I started the year in January having only read 2 books the previous year (2018) and I had set myself the goal for 2019 to read 25 books. Which, at the time, felt very daunting indeed. 

I started off fairly slowly and I soon picked up speed. Re-igniting my love for books and reading. I discovered the book community on Instagram and then followed by Twitter. Both of which make me feel exceptionally welcomed and part of something.

I absolutely love that I can log online and post an opinion about something, ask for a recommendation or a question and I will get LOTS of very friendly replies for genuinely wonderful people who want to chat books.

I have found friends online (contrary to my mothers advice when i was a teenager) that I honestly think are wonderful people who I will be in touch with for years to come, books or no books.

This little blog that i’m not sure if anyone even reads, is another little outlet for me to chat about books. Leave my thoughts and reviews and I am beyond thankful for this.

As of today, I have read 132 books. That is 107 OVER MY ORIGINAL TARGET. I cannot believe it. The month of December I have a fair few Christmas reads I am excited to indulge myself with. I also plan on reading a coupe of others which have been sat on my shelves for too long.

In addition to reading an exceptional amount of books (for me anyway) – I have also purchased a heck of a lot of books. In January I owned no more than 20 books, now my shelves proudly boast 850+ books. I am going to try in 2020 to not buy a single new book and to only read ARCs, charity shops books and gifted books from swaps etc for the ENTIRE year. I’m hoping this is doable and forces me to read more of the books that are being neglected on my beautiful shelves. 

I am planning to do another post closer to NYE which goes through my best and worst books of 2019. 

Please, if you do read my blog – leave me a comment with how your year is going so far in terms of goals, books, reading and book buying. I’d love to hear from you x


  1. Golly you certainly embraced reading with enthusiasm. 2 books last year – 107 this year is a hell of a leap! The numbers are not important, what's important is that you are enjoying the experience.


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