Reading Goals – Check In

As we’re half way through the year I thought it would be a good time to check in on my Reading Goals for the year. On December 31st 2020 I committed to reading:

  • 175 Books
  • 100 Buddy Reads
  • All the books in my 21 for 2021 photo
  • 12 books recommended by 12 friends
  •  At least 6 non-fictions
  •  At least 6 classics
  •  At least one Agatha Christie a month
  •  At least one female + male author a month
  • At least 2 Netgalley books a month.

Writing this today, It’s the 30th June and I’ve ticked off the below so far:

  • 65 books read in total
  • 7 buddy reads (but to be fair she’s just given birth so I’ll let her off for this year)
  • 6 books from the 21 for 2021 photo
  • 3 book from the 12 books recommended by 12 friends
  • 3 non-fiction books
  • 2 ‘classics’
  • 3 Agatha Christies
  • 40 by female authors and 17 by male authors
  • 38 netgalley books (at least 2 per month)

So, I ’m slacking all round really but in particular on my photo challenges, Agatha’s and Classics. I’m blaming this on getting a new puppy and not reading much at all for a couple of months!!

I am doing well at trying new authors, reading. My NetGalleys and splitting between male and female authors (at least better than I have in the past)…. So it’s not ALL bad.

However, I certainly need to up my hype (like I have done last month) if I have any chance of reaching my goals bar the buddy reads.

My favourites for the last 3 months far are:

– The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean

– The Sight of You by Holly Miller

– The Island Home by Libby Page

– That Night by Gillian McAllister

– Truth or Dare by M J Arlidge

The books that have disappointed me the most in the last 3 months are “Lace” by Shirly Conran and “Is It Just Me?” By Miranda Hart. Both of which I was really hoping I’d love!

I have DNF’d 1 book; The Last House on Needless Street which others LOVED, so I’ll certainly try again another time!

I’ll do another check-in in September to see how I’m getting on… hopefully I’ll be much closer to reaching all my goals by then.

How are you doing with your goals? Have you read any of these books? drop me a comment and let me know!!


  1. I love your reading goals. Mine is just a total on Goodreads but I really like the idea of breaking it down. I definitely want to read more widely than I currently do. Maybe I need to set some goals for the next half year .

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