Emandherbooks Recommends: Crime/Thriller/Mystery Series

This is the first blog post of many (I hope) where I am going to recommend my favourite Crime/Thriller/Mystery series… I know there are hundreds out there by many a fabulous author but these are my top recommendations from the books I have read so far!

M J Arlidge – Helen Grace Series

This was one of the first series I fell in love with when I rediscovered reading in 2019. I was introduced to it by my book bestie and we have since read all 10 of the main books in the series together. I haven’t read the two middle ones YET (no way back and running blind). The main series is simply fantastic which is reflected in the fact that all 10 books I have rated 5 stars. M J Arlidge’s style is snappy, quick, easy to read, gripping. The sentences and paragraphs are short and fast paced. Every single paragraph in every single book in this series adds something to the story and I would recommend this series to everyone. It is gory in places but not overly so (in my opinion). You can read these books individually but there is so much to be gained from reading them in order, the character developments and subtle side story lines add an awful lot to the overall reading experience. Compellingly addictive with a incredibly strong leading female character.

1. Eeny Meeny (2014)
2. Pop Goes the Weasel (2014)
3. The Doll’s House (2015)
4. Liar Liar (2015)
5. Little Boy Blue (2016)
5.5 No Way Back (2016)
6. Hide and Seek (2016)
6.5 Running Blind (2017)
7. Love Me Not (2017)
8. Down to the Woods (2018)
9. All Fall Down (2020)
10. Truth or Dare (2021)

M W Craven – Washington Poe Series

This series is another fantastic detective series with a striking main character (Poe) and his unlikely sidekick (Tilly). I have fallen absolutely in love with both Poe and Tilly, their personalities and adventures. I have read all 4 of the books (the last one thanks to NetGalley) and each I have rated 5 stars. The series is based in the Lake District which is another winner for me as is one of my favourite places in the UK. They are similar in style to the Arlidge Helen Grace series with the short writing style and paragraphs. Equally as gripping, original and gory with the added element of humour so excellently woven in to the stories. I am very excited for the Botanist to come out in 2022.

1. The Puppet Show (2018)
   2. Black Summer (2019) – my review here.
   3. The Curator (2020)
   4. Dead Ground (2021)

Cara Hunter – Adam Fawley Series

This is a series I’ve only just started. I’ve read the first two and am completely hooked. These are mixed media books where actually I feel the storylines are more standout that the detective’s personality. The storylines are so real, raw and relatable that it almost makes them more scary and thrilling. The chapters again are short and snappy. The first two I’ve read have been incredibly gripping and clever and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series, can only hope they’re as good, if not better.

1. Close to Home (2017)
   2. In The Dark (2018)
   3. No Way Out (2019)
   4. All the Rage (2019)
   5. The Whole Truth (2021)

Chris Carter – Robert Hunter Series

This is another series that has gripped me but I have only managed to read one so far – The Crucifix Killer. It did however, blow everything else I read that month out of the water. I really really enjoyed it, and have heard nothing but amazing feedback for the rest of the series. I own a few but need to get on it ASAP. Obviously I therefore cannot vouch for the whole series, but if the first book and my previous experience is anything to go by, this series is a winner.

0.5. The Hunter (2013)
   1. The Crucifix Killer (2009)
   2. The Executioner (2010)
   3. The Night Stalker (2011)
   4. The Death Sculptor (2012)
   5. One by One (2013)
   6. An Evil Mind (2014)
   7. I Am Death (2015)
   8. The Caller (2017)
   9. The Gallery of the Dead (2018)
   10. Hunting Evil (2019)
   11. Written in Blood (2020)

Steve Cavanagh – Eddie Flynn Series

Again, this is one where I own all the books in this series but have only read one, even worse I read the fourth one first! I did however, really enjoy it despite this. I have promised myself I will go back to the beginning and start properly, from the start. This is another series which has incredibly high praise and from what I have read of it, highly recommend.

  1. The Defence (2015)
   2. The Plea (2016)
   3. The Liar (2017)
   4. Thirteen (2018)
   5. Fifty-Fifty (2020)
   6. The Devil’s Advocate (2021)

I know that there are thousands of series out there of a similar ilk but do drop me a comment if there is a series which you think I should be trying!


  1. I have only just discovered M W Craven and love all his books. His second series looks as if it will be just as good. Born in a Burial Ground is the first one and the second has just been released I think.

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  2. I didn’t realize there were so many top quality crime thriller series out there! This summer I can’t seem to get enough murder mystery books so I am happy I found your blog! My favorite read of the summer has been “West Texas Dead: A Kailey and Shinto Mystery” by Frances Hight (https://www.franceshight.com/). I. Could. Not. Stop. Reading. This. Book. I loved the back and forth of the dialogue, the gritty scenes, and how likable, relatable, flawed, and inspiring the main characters (female cops/partners) Kailey and Shinto are! This is not your run-of-the-mill cop versus criminal story! I don’t want to give anything away but I hope you will check out the first book of the series. I really look forward to the next Kailey and Shinto mystery!! Thanks again!

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