Bookish Ages

I recently ran a poll on my twitter as I was being nosey again. I was asking about peoples ages, people with Bookish accounts, be that on twitter, youtube, instagram, wordpress, another blogging site etc. I was actually very surprised by these results.

Only 1% said they were under 18, I honestly thought this was be a lot higher. Now, it might just be that my followers in particular are not this age and that my tweet did not reach this demographic… we won’t know.

I was also surprised to see that the biggest category was the 30-44’s, but I actually really enjoy that it is. Now, again, this might be due to my followers and who ended up seeing this particular poll. BUT I LOVE that the people I am mostly engaging with are around the same age (slightly bit older) than me.

What were your assumptions of your bookish followers/mutuals? how old are you?

I’d be interested to do this poll again and see if the reach and therefore results are similar…


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