NetGalley November Home Page

Hello everyone and welcome to The NetGalley November Home Page!!! We are so excited to be back this year!

For those who don’t know, NetGalley November is where we dedicated the month to reading just NetGalley books with the aim of smashing through our unread books and boosting our ratios.

We have some good fun along the way, making friends, winning prizes, sprint reading etc.

So, what have we got on this year?

Templates – At the bottom of the page you’ll see our tempalates, if you want to use them. We have one for: Your TBR, BINGO Cards, Mini Reviews, Sprint Sheets, Starting Stats and Finishing Stats. We are also likely to make more as we go for weekly round ups etc so keep your eyes peeled.

Photo Challenge – Post a photo of your e-reader of choice along with the hashtag #NetGalleyNovemberPhotoChallenge on either twitter or Instagram to be in with a chance of winning a prize of upto £10 from your wishlist (one winner from Insta one from Twitter).

BINGO – Hit all nine prompts (and let us know) on the bingo sheet to be entered into our prize draw to win.

Group Chats – We have group chats live on Instagram and Twitter – if you want to be entered into one to meet and chat to some similar minded people, let us know and we can pop you into one.

Sprints – We are hosting two weekly sprints 8pm and 10pm (UK TIME) for half an hour and one at 11am on a weekend for an hour. Of course, you can read when you like but we find the sprints help to bring people together too.