While The Light Lasts – Agatha Christie


Some of Agatha Christie’s earliest stories – including her very first – which show the Queen of Crime in the making…

A macabre recurring dream … revenge against a blackmailer … jealousy, infidelity and a tortured conscience … a stolen gemstone … the haunting attraction of an ancient relic … a race against time … a tragic love triangle … a body in a box … an unexpected visitor from beyond the grave…

Nine quintessential examples of Agatha Christie’s brilliance are contained in this new collection of early short stories – including the very first one she ever wrote – and provide a unique glimpse of the Queen of Crime in the making.


This is a collection of nine short stories.

My favourites; The House of Dreams, The Christmas Adventure, Within a Wall and While The Light Lasts – on their own I would give them all 5/5 stars.

The Actress and The Lonely God, I’d give a 3/5 on their own.

Manx Gold and The Mystery of Baghdad Chest, were 4/5 for me.

I did enjoy the range of stories and the style in which their written. I also loved the afterward after each one for a bit of background on the story, when it was published etc. I found that bit too be of particular interest.

Overall and on balance I’m rating this a 4/5, just due to some of the stories not being my favourite…

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