The Summer Job – Lizzy Dent


Have you ever imagined running away from your life?
Well Birdy Finch didn’t just imagine it. She did it. Which might’ve been an error. And the life she’s run into? Her best friend, Heather’s.

The only problem is, she hasn’t told Heather. Actually there are a few other problems…

Can Birdy carry off a summer at a luxury Scottish hotel pretending to be her best friend (who incidentally is a world-class wine expert)?

And can she stop herself from falling for the first man she’s ever actually liked (but who thinks she’s someone else)?


Now I was sceptical about reading this book as it had received so much praise online, worried it would fall flat for me like so many others have.

I was wrong… I LOVED absolutely everything about it.

The characters, Scotland, the wine, the love interest, the friendships and family ties – it was all perfectly crafted. A true joy to read from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend this for an easy but satisfying read.

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