10 Things Every Book Lover Needs

Like every other bookworm I spend a lot of time looking at books; new ones, old ones and everything in between. However, I also spend lots of time (probably too much time) looking at bookish items and accessories…

I wanted to share some bits I own and love, have my eyes on or that I think would make great presents for any bookworms in your life.

*I do not benefit financially if you buy any of these, I am promoting for free and off my own back*

1. Kindle

Now I would be lost without my kindle. Not only does it store hundreds of books….my partners has no idea HOW many I have on there. It also is lightweight, easy to travel with AND you can read in the dark. Now, there are lots of kindle or e-readers out there and the choice on which one is best for you is ultimately down to you. I personally have the Amazon 2019 Standard Kindle, it cost £69 and I have no complaints at all!

2. Thumb Page Holder

There are hundreds of versions of these and some are super cute. I like to shop local and support small businesses. One Etsy shop I particularly like for these is Olive and Eagle.

3. Book Sleeves

A must have when protecting books when on the go. They come in thousands of cute styles and you’ll soon become addicted. Here are a couple of my current favourites: Sewn by Rebecca Louise and Cozy Fiction.

4. Heated Blanket

Or just blankets in general. I cannot read unless I’m cosy and a blanket goes a long way in achieving this for me. I have too many already but here are some more which are currently sat in my baskets across the internet: Sweetie Plaid, Dunelm, My Little Cave.


Now I know this one seems very obvious but you’d be alarmed by the amount of people I know that use anything they can find lying around to keep their place in a book or worse still, FOLD THE PAGES. Now dog-earing books is a big no no for me so I have too many bookamrks. Despite this, I always have my eye on more, here are some pretties I might buy myself soon: Resinforyoushop, MKLCreations, JPurchallDesigns, MugofMagic.

6. Reading Journal

A lot of bookworms have their preferred method of recording what they read already bottomed out but who doesn’t love a beautiful book journal? I use online platforms and an excel spreadsheet but I love the thought of buying and keeping up with something like these: LiteraryEmorium, TeppiLiving, ThumbelinaPrint

7. Book Related Jewellery

I love love love book related Jewellery, of all types. I’ve linked here some of my current favourites: AlyMarinaCraft, The Yew Tree Gifts, Literary Emporium, Miss Bohemia.

8. Scratch Off Book Poster

There are lots of different versions of these and I’m toying with which one to buy myself. It is currently between these two options: 1 and 2.

9. A Bookish Mug

I don’t actually own too many mugs currently, so I feel this is one I might indulge in sooner rather than later. I’d love an “Em” mug in a really pretty design or a bookish mug like this one by mhuglife. There are so many different options I get lost in choice. Another set of mugs I love are the Penguin Collection mugs, an “Emma” one would be perfect!

10. Prism Glasses

Now I know these look ridiculous but roll with me here. What if you could actually read (comfortably) while lying down. They range in price but you can get a decent pair for around £10-20, here is an example from Amazon.


  1. Ohh I do love some pretty bookish mugs and journals! I also have a big bookmark collection that I rarely ever use, oops. I’d love to buy more bookish jewellery tho! Thanks for sharing all the products you’ve been buying 🙂

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