Listening Still – Anne Griffin


Jeanie Masterson has a gift: she can hear the recently dead and give voice to their final wishes and revelations. Inherited from her father, this gift has enabled the family undertakers to flourish in their small Irish town. Yet she has always been uneasy about censoring some of the dead’s last messages to the living. Unsure, too, about the choice she made when she left school seventeen years ago: to stay or leave for a new life in London with her charismatic teenage sweetheart.

So when Jeanie’s parents unexpectedly announce their plan to retire, she is jolted out of her limbo. In this captivating successor to her bestselling debut, Anne Griffin portrays a young woman who is torn between duty, a comfortable marriage and a role she both loves and hates and her last chance to break free, unaware she has not been alone in softening the truth for a long while.


This was such a unique book and once I’d managed to get over and detach from the overall premise of the book (I have a distinct lack of imagination)…I really managed to enjoy it!

I loved the way the book flirted with the present and the past, how two storylines interwoven.

Particularly loved learning about the history of Jeanie and Fionn and then Jeanie and Niall’s relationship! The real and raw struggles and the journey that they they went on.

I was torn about the ending, on the one hand I loved it and on the other hand I hate that it was left a little open…

Overall this was a 4/5 for me!

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