That Night – Gillian McAllister


What would you do to protect your family? 


That night everything changed.

The night Frannie commited a murder, but she didn’t mean to… 

That night we helped her bury the body, what else could we do? 

One hot summers night in Italy, Joe and Cathy Plant receive a phone call that will change their lives forever. 

Their sister Frannie has killed a man, and she needs their help. 

They were always close, some might say too close, siblings who worked together, lived next door to each other 

And now they’ve buried a body together…

But when they return to England, Frannie, Joe and Cathy become tangled in lies in they’ve been telling, 

to the police, to their friends, to each other… 

But if you can’t trust your family, who can you trust?


This is another super book from Gillian McAllister.

It’s fast paced, incredibly clever and written with such depth.

I loved the way the book was split into sections and the story unfolded between ‘then’ and ‘now’, it added such an element of suspense.

The story really develops over time and gains momentum.

All the dialogue and characters were believable and I really felt all the emotions for all of them. Such guilt, such family trauma, all written so vividly.

I loved it! Another huge 5/5 from me!


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