Reading Habits – do you read multiple books at once?

I recently did a poll on my twitter with this question and I wasn’t overly surprised with the result to be honest (see below)

I know a fair few people who like to juggle a few books at once, some who like to have two on the go (of different genres) and I also know a lot of people who like to only read one book at a time and will only pick up another once they’ve finished.

I’m not surprised that 51% of people (131 people) said they only read one at a time. This is where I used to firmly sit and most of the time, unless I have a buddy read or a blog tour on… I’ll usually stay here. Sometimes I’ll flirt with reading two of different genre’s (again unless I have a tour or a buddy read on).

18 people out of the 258 said they typically read four or more at a time. This to me actually seems quite lot.

I have periods of time where I read six for example, due to a stacking up of buddy reads, blog tours or that I simply have no self-control BUT I wouldn’t say this is typical.

I’d find it hard to sustain reading four or more books frequently. I find I have to start taking notes when I go about 3 books, especially if the genre’s are similar (or storylines could potentially blur, with names for example).

Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts… I’m genuinely interested in other peoples reading habits.


  1. I usually only have one at a time. If I’m reading something more challenging then I might have another book for relaxation. When I read Great Expectations recently, I read a bit every day but read other books as normal. I can’t imagine reading 4 books at a time. I generally want to get to the end of the book I’m reading to find out how it all ends.

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  2. I mainly have one book on the go, but sometimes I’ll end up with multiple books on the go depending on my mood and what I’m doing. I’ll only have a limit of three books though because any more than that and I’d just get confused and forget where I’m up to in each book

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  3. I used to be a one book at a time kind of gal and then I discovered audiobooks and buddy reads. Now I’m known to have a minimum of three books on the go. I have to keep notes so I don’t get confused but it keeps my reading interesting 😊

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  4. I always have several books on the go. Usually a fiction, a non-fiction, an ebook and a different genre fiction. I never know what mood I’ll be in. Once I start a fiction tho, I usually read til I finish it.

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