Reading habits – physical vs ebook

I recently did a poll on my Twitter as I was interested peoples reading habits (very nosey of me, I know!) and 126 lovely people took part – so obviously I know it’s by no means representative but hey 🤷🏽‍♀️

Anyway, I was very interested to see the results come out like this!

I was actually surprised to see such a small % of e-reader only. Now I know this assumption may sound surprising but they are SO easy and accessible. 9/10’s out of ten the books are usually cheaper too!

I’d love to say I only read physical books but I read a mix off both and more often than not, more e-books. So to see that most people are reading both but more physical was interesting for me, and I suppose, more traditional.

What do you read more of? Are you a die-hard physical book fan? Or an E-reader only type of person? Let me know!


  1. I am not surprised by the findings of you survey. I much prefer physical books. I have found though that e books are ok with a good screen and type face.

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  2. I get a lot of my books from the library and love a new hard back book as well as having to buy books if I ever visit a bookshop. I do love my kindle for the convenience though as well as reading ARCs. so definitely a mixture for me.

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  3. I tend to read more physical books nowadays because even though I do find ebooks more accessible sometimes, my eyes don’t always love the artificial backlight. It also depends on my reading mood as there are some specific books I only have as ebooks.

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  4. I read a mixture but I tend to go for physical books! I love the feeling of turning the pages and holding the book in my hands 🙂 But you’re right that e-readers are easier to read from and you’re able to read in more positions without having to hold the book open!

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