How To Avoid A Climate Disaster – Bill Gates


Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, shares what he has learnt in over a decade of studying climate change and investing in innovations to address climate problems. He explains how the world can work to build the tools it needs to get to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions – investing in research, inventing new technologies and deploying them quickly at a large scale. Gates is optimistic that the world can prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis. This is a visionary and inspiring book by one of the world’s most celebrated public figures


My opinion of the content changes throughout. I suppose working working sustainability within a large PLC company gives me a unique perspective on these problems and solutions compared to if I didn’t work in the industry.

It annoyed me slightly that he didn’t focus on reducing our usage as the first hierarchy stage but focused most of his energy on creating more green energy. Meaning there was actually very little in there about what you could do. It focused mainly on governments, companies and technology – which of course is important but to grab the reader and engage with them it’s usually good to know how they could also reduce their consumption etc.

My copy’s format of numbers throughout the whole book was off and I wasn’t able view any of the graphs or charts, which was a little annoying.

On balance I’m going to rate this one a 3/5, if you wanted to get up to speed with the situation this would be a mostly factual and interesting book to do this with. However, I did not love it!

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