Talking about ‘DNF’

Hello Bookish Lovelies, 

I have been doing some thinking lately about books and physically how many there are in this wonderful world!! LITERALLY BILLIONS!!!

When I first re-vamped my love for reading earlier this year I felt so guilty when I didn’t enjoy a book. I ended up (to the annoyance of everyone around me) finishing the book “just in case it got better” or “so I could be fair with rating it”.

Almost 11 months on, I DNF’d my first book, VERY shortly followed by my second. Two in one day! At first I thought I was just having a bad reading day and had already decided I would give them another chance another day…

I then, started to think about how I don’t and will not have to like everything I pick up to read. There is no shame in giving up, especially when i have 800 UNREAD books sat on my very own shelves at home (which my boyfriend keeps reminding me off) life is too short!

So, that was that I had decided to not try them again. This gave me a different problem, what and how do I rate them. I used to think that it was unfair to rate a book if you didn’t finish it and I am still a little torn by this. 

I settled on rating them 1 star, because… get this, I did not enjoy it. Enough to stop reading the book! So of course I am allowed to give it a low rating, right?

I do however, do not feel comfortable letting it join the others of “read” books making up my read total for the year on my Goodreads challenge as I did not finish the books. Therefore, I removed the dates from the entries. 

I do wonder if my opinion on this will change as time goes on but as a new DNF-er, this is a bit of new territory for me. For now, I do still feel a little guilty but I think i’ve done the right thing by rating low but not counting towards my final goals. I just did not like them, I can’t help that…right?

Are you part of the DNF club? Let me know if you struggle too, or what your take on it is?? – please do not let me be alone in these thoughts!!


  1. Yes I am a member of the DNF club! Far too many good books out there to waste time reading ones I don't like. I don't tend to rate books so that problem doesn't arise but I get around the issue of not wanting them to be classed as 'read' by having a category called DNF. You can set the category in such a way that a book cannot be classed as 'read' AND 'did not finish' Karen


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