Then I Met You – Matt Dunn


Lisa’s dated a series of disastrous men; Simon’s loved and lost the girl of his dreams. She’s hoping fate might intervene in her love life; he’d prefer that it stopped meddling with his.

Today, they’re meeting, courtesy of the local paper’s ‘Blind Date’ feature – but while Lisa’s looking for that elusive ‘spark’, Simon’s sure lightning doesn’t strike twice. Will theirs be a love that’s written in the stars, or merely another mismatch written up in the Gazette?

From the bestselling author of At the Wedding comes a story of two perfect strangers who might just be perfect for each other


This is the first book I’ve read by Matt Dunn and I was not disappointed.

The story only spans over a couple of days, but it didn’t feel like it was going to slowly at all. All the way through I was gripped by the detail and what was going to happen.

I loved this story and how realistic and raw it is. The language, pace and delivery were just right for me.

I would recommend this book and I am 100% on the hunt for more books by Matt!

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