Foxglove Farm – Christine Barlow


Isla and Drew Allaway appear to have the perfect life – a strong marriage, two beautiful children and their picture-perfect home, Foxglove Farm.

But, new mum Isla is struggling. She loves her little family but with Drew working all hours on the farm, Isla’s lonely.

When she discovers that Drew has been keeping secrets from her, Isla has to face losing the home they all love.
Can the Love Heart Lane community pull together once more to help save Foxglove Farm? And can Isla save her home… and her marriage?


I realised after finishing this book that this was indeed the second one in the series. I don’t however feel i missed out at all from not reading the first one. Christine perfectly laid out the scene and i was interested literally from the first paragraph.

I read this in two sittings and believe you me, if I didn’t have to go to sleep it would have been one.

I absolutely loved, reading about Foxglvoe Farm and the village. Isla, Drew and their family and friends were beautifully captivating and wish it could have gone on forever.

The book touched on some deep themes which I think were dealt with very appropriately.

There was lots of action too and I was gripped in knowing about their relationship and resolving their problems from the very beginning! Lots of developments and not a single cold chapter.

The book was a very easy read and I’m glad I’ve now found Christine Barlow as I’m going to go and read all her others books too!

I would highly recommend this book! I gave it 5 out of 5!!

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