The Perfect Couple – Jackie Kabler


The perfect couple…or the perfect lie?

A year and a half ago, Gemma met the love of her life, Danny. Since then, their relationship has been like something out of a dream. But one Friday evening, Gemma returns home to find Danny is nowhere to be seen.

After two days with no word from her husband, Gemma turns to the police. She is horrified with what she discovers – a serial killer is on the loose in Bristol. When she sees the photos of the victims she is even more stunned…the victims all look just like Danny.

But, the detectives aren’t convinced by Gemma’s story. Why has no one apart from Gemma seen or heard from Danny in weeks? Why is there barely a trace of him in their flat? Is she telling them the truth, or are there more secrets and lies in this marriage than meets the eye?


Well, this book really surprised me!

It was written in two points of view, the wife and the detective. This was a unique look at both sides of the story, which really added depth for me.

The book was written in realistic language and dialogue and was very easy to follow. It had a good pace throughout and had me interested from the very beginning!

It had lots of twists and turns towards the end which I did not see coming at all! Obviously, I don’t want to give anything away, but I did not guess the ending at all!

I would recommend this one… 4/5 stars!

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