A Village Murder – Frances Eversham


An English village can be deadly, when your past catches up with you…

In the beautiful rural Somerset village of Lower Hembrow, crammed full with English eccentrics, something is amiss…

Landscape gardener Imogen Bishop has spent the last thirty years trying to forget one fateful school night but when her estranged husband Greg Bishop is found dead in the grounds of her fathers Georgian hotel, danger threatens to overwhelm her.

Retired police officer Adam Hennessey, hoping for a peaceful life running his traditional Somerset country pub, finds himself drawn into the unfolding drama in the hotel across the road.

Imogen, Adam and Harley the stray dog form an unlikely partnership as they try to untangle a knot of secrets, solve a murder mystery, and bring a killer to justice.


This was a murder mystery set in a picturesque village in Somerset. The plot line had me hooked from the very beginning and it continued to evolve the entire way through. There were links to both historic cases and to the landlords history, which only added to the storyline!

The mystery was paced well and took lots of twists and turns. There were a couple of side story lines which I wouldn’t have minded learning more about…(maybe this can come in another book?)

Overall Eversham has a very good writing style. With well written descriptions and dialogue throughout the book.

The ending was very tidy and equally satisfying, with a group reveal (which I personally LOVE).

I would recommend this book!

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