The No Show – Beth O’Leary [SPOILERS]

Our first #TsundokuSquad book of the year was ‘The No Show’ by Beth O’Leary. As usual we split the book into parts and discussed as a group on Saturday evenings.

Week 1

Many of us have read Beth’s previous books and we therefore have quite high hopes for this one!

Mostly we’re off to a good start but we are wondering what’s going to happen for the next 75% of the book!

A few of us were wondering if there is potentially going to be a time lag here? I.e consecutive valentines and that these events aren’t all the same year… not sure but we are convinced that the three women have to cross paths at some point, surely?

Our predictions for the ending if they’re not with Carter are Miranda & AJ, Shiv & Scott, Jane & Joseph. We think these are all good matches!

One thing that’s certain is that there SO much to all three of the three girl’s stories, and we’d love to know more about them all.

Our ratings for this week are 3 people on a 3/5, 1 person at a 3.5/5 and the rest of us on a 4/5.

Our words for this week can be seen below.

Week 2

This week most of us think that it’s all present day and not a time lag, but there are a few bits that don’t add up…

We feel most sorry for Miranda but like the chemistry between Miranda and AJ.

Couple of us were wondering if he’s some sort of sex addict and that’s why he sees multiple women?

We’re not sure what it is about Carter that makes him so irresistible?

We’re thinking maybe he is the most honest with Jane but it’s clear that all the wonderful women have the sense he’s lying but are ignoring it? Which is annoying us…

We’re all still Intrigued as to how they all link

One of us (and a few agreed) that they want Shiv to be the old relationship he loved & that’s why he left the diary every Friday because it was hard to delete. Miranda to be putting him back together but it not to work so she can get with AJ. Then Jane to be his final girl. All spread over years… we shall see!

Our ratings this week are three on 3/5, two on 3.5/5 and the rest on a 4/5.

Our words for this week are as below.

Week 3

Our chat this week was quite vibrant, we are all enjoying it much me and we’re all very keen to see where this is going!

It’s clear now it’s different time zones. We know Siobhan was 2016 and Miranda is 2019. We are not sure in if Jane is before Siobhan, in between the two or after Miranda? – a fair few of us think Jane is ‘now’, hopefully we find out soon!

Our opinion of Carter has changed so much too! We’re surprised by this development but are happy with it!

We think Shiv might be dead and that he’s holding on to her, which is heartbreaking. Maybe this is the connection to Valentine’s Day somehow? We’re unsure about this!

We’re really hoping Miranda ends up with AJ (and think they will!) – fingers crossed!

Wondering if there’s something tying them all together, other than Joseph. Could Jane be the secretary at Richards work place? Or something else similar…

For this week’s section, everyone has rated a 4/5. Our words are below:

Week 4/Last Week

So we were right about the sequence of the women and Shiv being dead (but couldn’t have possibly guessed how tragic it was!!!)

We’re so glad he opened up in the end, this really pleasantly surprised us. Was heartbreaking to see how he dealt with his grief.

We knew Richard was that link and truly hope he gets what’s coming to him! Nasty man.

We discussed who our favourites out of the three women are, a few of us really loved Jane due to her real character growth and also amazing library. Miranda was picked a couple of times due to her relatability and how she really knew what she wanted!

Most of us thought it was a beautiful ending to quite a moving story and for those who did love it, it was the ending that really made it. Some of us thought the story was ok but nothing too special.

Our mix of reviews and ratings are mostly due to how detrimental we all viewed the slower start at the beginning.

Our final ratings are…. one person on a 3/5, four on a 4/5 and two on a 5/5. Our words are below.

Our overall group rating: 4/5

My individual rating: 4/5

You may love this book, you may hate this book – the only way to find out is to read it (if you want!).

We hope you check out all our previous and future book club picks!

Our February pick is ‘Forget Me Not’ by Claire Allen – so keep your eyes peeled for our verdict on that one!

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