Large Book Collections – Agatha Christie and Lee Child

I seem to have an absurd amount of both Lee Child and Agatha Christie Books… 

Despite this, I have read only a pinch of both of these collections, so far!

Lee Child:
  • Night School 4/5
  • Killing Floor 3/5
  • Worth Dying For 3/5
Agatha Christie:
  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles 5/5
  • Ordeal of Innocence 5/5
  • Murder on the Orient Express 5/5
  • ABC Murders 4/5
  • Five Little Pigs 4/5
  • The Pale Horse 3/5
  • The Clocks 3/5

My thoughts so far on these two authors:

Lee Child’s style seems fairly consistent throughout the books I’ve read, albeit I’ve only read 3 so far. They were fast paced and easy to follow. There was no winding story lines in sight and they get to the points pretty fast. The 3 I’ve read didn’t have ‘twists’ in the traditional sense but kept the adrenaline running nonetheless. 

Agatha Christie’s books to me, so far, are all completely different. I love her writing style in most of the ones I’ve read (the clocks was an outlier). I love a murder mystery so natural Agatha was an obvious choice for me. Some of the stories (if not all) are incredibly clever, and carefully woven. Ordeal of Innocence sticks out as one that was so easy to read and follow but I was completely shocked at the solution to the murder. I enjoy Jercule Poirot books more than the ones without him, so far. Although i’m yet to read a Miss Marple. I am excited to see what I think of all of the others.


  1. I love Lee Child got most of his but like you have only read a portion of them. Think it's easy to have eyes bigger than your reading capacity (to twist an old saying). I've never actually read an Agatha Christie novel so perhaps I should start.


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