Lake Child – Isabel Ashdown


When 17-year-old Eva Olsen awakes after a horrific accident that has left her bedbound, her parents are right by her side. Caring and kind, they watch over her night and day in the attic room of their family home in the forests of Norway.

But the accident has left Eva without her most recent memories. And someone isn’t telling her the truth. As secrets from the night of the accident begin to surface, Eva realises – she has to escape her parents’ house and discover the truth. But what if someone doesn’t want her to find it?


This book was incredibly slow to start with and a little predictable. It went round and round in circles for a long time to begin with and I wasn’t really sure where it was going.

Once it got going more stuff started to happen but I wasn’t really gripped by the story line and it wasn’t exactly a shock ‘twist’. I didn’t have much attachment to any of the characters and I felt it was a little but of a ‘meh’ for me.

I’ve given the book 3 stars rather than 2 due to the easy writing style and the fact it tied up all the lose ends nicely.

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