The Clocks – Agatha Christie


When a young secretary, Sheila Webb, is sent to the home of a blind woman on an errand, she is horrified to discover a dead man behind the couch, surrounded by four clocks that have all been stopped at 4:13.

The owner arrives home and denies that the clocks belong to her, the deceased’s business card turns out to be a fraud, and a woman shows up claiming to be the dead man’s wife.

There is only one man who can unravel this complicated case: Hercule Poirot.


This is the 37th Hercule Poirot book and isn’t the best Agatha I’ve read. I was initially gripped by the story but it seemed to lose me about half way through and then it unfolded a little too quickly for me.

Still a good book just not as great as some others I’ve read of hers!

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