Diary of a Prison Officer – Josie Channer


It’s 2003, Tony Blair is still Prime Minister and a shy loner from London, Amber Campbell, joins the prison service searching for purpose. Behind the walls of the women’s prison Amber is determined to prove that she has what it takes. She makes a packed with two close friends to support each other no matter what. However, the three Black women struggle when they experience discrimination and disappointment at every turn. There is rising racial tension in her home town when twelve far right local councillors are elected. Amber reflects on the prison system in her blog and takes an emotional journey off the beaten track through Africa to find love.


This book is written in the format of a diary which quickly sucks you in to an honest account of Amber’s experiences. It contains strong characters and lots of emotion. It is dramatic and very raw. It is incredibly topical on a range of issues not just racism and contains lots of depth. In particular I was unexpectedly drawn in by the tourism aspects. I did find that I had to read it in separate sittings due to it’s format but I did enjoy it, one where you can really feel the characters grow and change with experience.

I must add however, that I have absolutely no experience with our prison system and wouldn’t be able to vouch for it’s validity in that sense, however to me, it felt real and a true account.

Purchase Linkhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0892J2XLZ

Author Bio

Josie worked as a prison officer at Holloway Prison for many years and has a unique and specialist knowledge of how a prison is run. Josie likes writes about criminal justice system, politics, women’s issues and Black British history. Her work has been published with online political magazines a number of times. She is passionate about addressing the barriers that women of colour face

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