November is #NetGalleyNovember2020 – organised by my book bestie @girlnovelliving and I.

The main aim is to read as many unread books of our NetGalley shelves and to up our ratios to attempt to get as close to possible to the 80%. 

We have three groups across Twitter and Instagram full of enthusiastic and lovely book worms, motivating and cheering each-other on!

I started the month with 130 unread and a ratio of 47%, one of the worst of the group(s).

So far this month I’ve read 11 of my unread books and my ratio has move to 51% (I’ve had a few more accepted).

The ones that I’ve read are below:

My favourite so far, by a long shot, was David Attenborough’s! However, Shiver was also very good, as was Just My Luck, All About Us and the Silent House.

Least favourite has to be The Pretenders and Breathless.

I hoping to fill my second board and hopefully a third! I’m very motivated to up my ratio to as high as possible!

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