#SixforSunday – Bookish hates

This week’s prompt for the #sixforsunday hosted by A Little But Alot is “Bookish hates”. I fancied taking part in this one, because who doesn’t love a rant…

  1. Dog earing pages – I know this will be on a lot of peoples lists but man do I really hate this. Now don’t get me wrong, do what you want with your own books, that is of no concern to me… BUT do this to my book, that I’ve lent you? No! You’ll be buying me a new copy and returning that one to me.
  2. Movie images as book covers – I’m not sure it necessarily is a HATE but it is a strong dislike. I’m buying a book right now, not a movie. I don’t want the movie image of actors on my BOOK front cover…
  3. People who have unsolicited opinions on my rainbow shelves – I’m all for free speech and if I post a picture and ask for an opinion on my rainbow shelves, by all means I’ll accept you opinion. HOWEVER, jumping on a post about something else, to interrupt me and tell me that I either a) haven’t read all those books, b) buy them for their colours only, c) am obviously not a reader as i’ll never find anything like that and d) I did it to be cool/peer pressure made me do it. NO NO NO and NO! DON’T.BE.NASTY.ON.THE.INTERNET.JUST.BECASUE.YOU.CAN…
  4. AWFUL Plot Twists – I’m talking about incest, e-book serial killers, you know the ones… Have a twist by all means, I love a twist as much as the next book nerd but PLEASE make it a good one.
  5. Names that are not capitalised on book covers/titles – this may seem like a minor point but it reeeeeeally winds me up. Is it a name? GIVE IT A CAPITAL LETTER!
  6. Long Chapters or book with no chapters – I am a big big fan of short and snappy chapters. I like to stay gripped and I also snack A LOT, so nice natural places to stop are needed.

What are you’re bookish hates? Drop me a comment and let me know!


  1. I agree with nearly all of these, but particularly 1, 2 and 6! Chapter length is so important, because I’m the type of reader that has to stop at the end of the chapter or else I tend to lose my flow within the story. Since I read before bed it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to read 200 page chapters since I’ll be pretty tired by the time I start reading. I’m really eager to read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld but there’s no chapters at all in those books and I’m not sure how I’ll handle that! haha

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  2. Definitely yes on 1,2,4,6! As for me, people who use library books to murder insects *shivers* But also changing covers in a series (please, you don’t need a new cover each new book), how long it takes for a paperback to be released (a year, sometimes more),

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  3. Ooops I’m going to quietly sneak past with my books and their dog eared pages…..

    Rainbow shelves sound amazing – not so much the trolls who would never be rude to your face but feel the internet gives them the right to spew their nastiness at anyone.

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