Trio of Pink Book Reviews

Two Scoops, Not Three by Terri Boas

This book follows the lives of three very different best friends on very different paths. I enjoyed this easy to read story and felt immediately invested in all three of the main characters. There were elements throughout the book that I’d like to have seen expanded on but I did enjoy the link to real life events. Natalie was my least favourite character, she was incredibly selfish and it did bother me a little that she was portrayed as a victim, despite being in the wrong. On balance I rated this book a 3/5!

The Sister Surprise by Abigail Mann

I read this book as a buddy read and particularly enjoyed the setting in Scotland. The story follows a journalist that does a DNA test live on air and finds out she has a secret half sister. She then sets off in search of her sister and embarks on a new adventure. It was easy to read and had a good flow. It did however contain some very predictable twists. I rated this book a 3/5!

Capturing Emila by Brooke Adams

The synopsis of this book sounded very good and it really drew me in. I was incredibly disappointed, the book was over so quickly that I didn’t realise that I didn’t even have a chance to DNF it. It was written very clumsily and fell very very short of what I was expecting. There was really no substance at all. Not for me unfortunately. I rated a 1/5.

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