Reading Goals – Check In

As we’re a quarter of a way through the year I thought it would be a good time to check in on my Reading Goals for the year. On December 31st 2020 I committed to reading:

  • 175 Books
  • 100 Buddy Reads
  • All the books in my 21 for 2021 photo
  • 12 books recommended by 12 friends
  •  At least 6 non-fictions
  •  At least 6 classics
  •  At least one Agatha Christie a month
  •  At least one female + male author a month
  • At least 2 Netgalley books a month.

Writing this today, It’s the 1st April and I’ve ticked off the below so far:

  • 36 books total
  • 7 buddy reads
  • 3 of the 21 for 2021 photo
  • 3 of the 12 books recommended by friends
  • 1 non-fiction
  • 0 classics
  • 3 Agatha Christies (one each month)
  • 23 by female authors and 11 by male authors
  • 19 netgalley books (at least 2 per month)

All in all I’m pretty much on track to achieve all my goals except for the buddy read one and this is due to my buddy reading partner having some unexpected life changes which means she has significantly less time for reading, so I imagine we are going to just read what we can and remove the pressure of this goal.

The other one I’m slacking on but is not beyond saviour is The Classics, so far haven’t ready any of my 6 for the year, so I need to get going on this one…

My favourites for the last 3 months far are:

Cara Hunter’s “Close to Home”

Andy Jones’s “The Two of Us”

Matt Haig’s “The Midnight Library”

Joel Dicker’s “The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair”

Tim Weaver’s “Missing Pieces”

Liane Moriarty’s “Big Little Lies”

Simon Kernick’s “Kill a Stranger”

Libby Page’s “The 24-Hour Cafe”

Diane Saxon’s “The Ex”

Hugh Howey’s “Wool”

The books that have disappointed me the most in the last 3 months are “Capturing Emilia” by Brooke Adams, “Love At The Northern Lights” by Darcie Boleyn.

I have DNF’d 2 books “The Locksmith” by Linda Calvery and “Confessions of a Curios Bookseller” by Elizabeth Green. These have gone on my DNF shelf and like with all books shelved here, I promise to try them again another time.

How are you doing with your goals? Have you read any of these books? drop me a comment and let me know.


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