#SixforSunday – A Rainbow of Books

This week’s prompt for the #sixforsunday hosted by A Little But Alot is “A Rainbow of Books” to kick of Pride Month. I fancied taking part in this one, because who doesn’t love a rainbow… also it’s another opportunity to show off my shelves…

1. John Green – Paper Towns

2. Paige Toon – One Perfect Christmas (& other stories)

3. Michael Morpurgo – Running Wild

4. Louise Beech – Call Me Star Girl

5. Sophie Hannah – Closed Casket

6. Lucy Clarke – You Let Me In

The only one of these six I’ve actually read is the Paige Toon which I gave a 3/5 to but this was purely because the other short stories were lost on me as I haven’t read her other booms yet, I’ve popped it on the shelf to do a re-read once I’m up to speed on her others!

….and as promised, my shleves:

What are you’re bookish hates? Drop me a comment and let me know!


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