The Book Snob Book Tag

This is the first book tag I’ve done in a while so firstly, thank you to John @Talesfromabsurdia for tagging me in this one… you can see his responses here. ALSO huge credit to Booktuber Tia and All the Books for creating this tag.

Right, so lets dive right in to the questions…

Adaptation Snob: Do You Always Read The Book Before Watching The Film/ TV Show?

So this depends really. I’d like to say I always read the book first but in reality, I often don’t.

For me it depends on the genre. The benefit of reading the book first is that you read it through your own eyes, you imagine the places and people that are being descripted and paint your own picture. Whilst this is great and means you don’t have any preconceptions, it does require you to use your imagination. This is where my problem lies, I find it significantly easier to watch Sci-Fi or Fantasy books (in the main) than read them, as I am lucky enough to have minus imagination when it comes to this genre but I have found that I do enjoy watching. In these cases I can then go on to read the books and enjoy them, as my brain doesn’t have to work so hard and get confused. Now, I know this sounds lazy but I just struggle so much with letting go of reality.

For other genres I usually try and read the book first but in some cases I might have simply just not have known it was a book first when I was scrolling through Netflix and if I fancy watching at the time I won’t look it up to check and then not watch.

I find that romance and general contemporary books vs their film/tv counterparts are usually of similar standard. Sometimes the book is better, sometimes it’s the film/tv show. It really, for me, comes down to the individual book or tv show/film.

HOWEVER, I do find that I much prefer reading crime/thriller/mysteries than I do watching… this might be down to finding some authors that I absolutely love but probably also down to being able to piece a mystery and go back and forth a paragraph or chapter to recap and act as a mini detective. Yes, I know you can rewind and pause tv shows and films but it’s not the same for me.

Format Snob: You Can Only Choose 1 Format In Which To Read Books For The Rest Of Your Life.

Which One Do You Choose: Physical Books, EBooks, Or Audiobooks?

Hmmm, my gut for this one says paperbacks as they are the sweet spot of being easier to hold than a hardback (and cheaper) but still looking good on a shelf and those who know me know I am a BIG hoarder and this can be evidenced by my vast rainbow shelves, upstairs book shelf, cupboard, chest and three suitcases of books.

HOWEVER, I do actually tend to read more e-books at the moment because of the puppy. They are cheaper (and in NetGalley’s case, free). You can have literally hundreds on a tiny e-reader (I have about 500 on my current kindle). I read them quicker AND last and certainly not least, they are better for the environment.

So, in actual fact I’m a little head vs heart on this one and I myself am deeply shocked that I’m actually leaning more towards e-books!

Ship Snob: Would You Date Or Marry A Non-Reader?

Yes. My partner does read, about 5 books a year. He’s a holiday or sunbathing reader and does enjoy it when he does read one but isn’t necessarily what I would class as a reader. He does however, completely support the fact that I am. If he didn’t this would be a different matter.

Genre Snob: You Have To Ditch One Genre – Never To Be Read Again For The Rest Of Your Life.

Which One Do You Ditch?


I could easily never read a science fiction book again in my life and not miss them. I can’t actually think of a single Sci-Fi book I’ve enjoyed. I’ll keep trying but I’m not hopeful.

Uber Genre Snob: You Can Only Choose To Read From One Genre For The Rest Of Your Life. Which Genre Do You Choose?

For this one, I’d chose Thriller/Crime/Mystery books. I can only hope that great authors continue to write great books which keep me on the edge of my seat.

Community Snob: Which Genre Do You Think Receives The Most Snobbery From The Bookish Community?

For me and my frame of reference on social media within the bookish community the genre which I think receives the most snobbery is Chick-Lit/Women’s Literature. I see so many people slating this genre and it’s ‘easy-to-read’ nature, as if that is a bad thing. I understand that some people wouldn’t want to read this genre or enjoy it but for me the beautiful thing about reading is that we don’t all enjoy the same thing. So whilst, I myself might not enjoy sci-fi or fantasy books as much as other genre’s this never gives me the right to slate anyone else choices.


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