The Tanglewood Flower Shop – Lilac Mills


Love can be a thorny business. 

When Tanglewood flower shop owner Leanne enters Budding Stars – a floristry TV competition – she’s shocked to make it through to the televised stages where the pressure grows to prove herself a success. 

Luckily for Leanne, new Tanglewood park ranger, Rex, is a rose among the thorns as he provides support and friendship that could blossom into something more… 

But Rex’s ex-girlfriend appears with some shocking news, and between busy schedules and the occasional mountain rescue, Leanne can’t see how romance could possibly bloom. And with a new job opportunity suddenly sprouting up, will she need to uproot her life and leave Tanglewood entirely?


This was an easy enough read but it didn’t particularly impress me.

It was the first book I’ve read in this series which probably didn’t do me any favours as I now realise it’s the second one…

I found the story to be a little frustrating in times due to the lack of communication between the two main characters, and the split narration, in my opinion, really did this to death.

I didn’t like how the book ended pretty abruptly but as I wasn’t entirely invested I’m glad it didn’t go on for too much longer either 🤷🏽‍♀️

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