One Night On The Island – Josie Silver


Two people. A chance encounter.

A love story that will last a lifetime.

When Cleo’s editor requests that she marry herself on a remote island for her dating column, she envisions herself skinny dipping in the crystalline waters and reveling in the blissful quiet away from the honking and grime of London.

But when she arrives at Otter Lodge, Mack, a grumpy, yet undeniably handsome American, insists that her cosy cottage is actually his.

With no beds to spare and a storm fast approaching, they’re trapped. 

Can what began as a disastrous double-booking turn into something more? And might this one night on the island change both of their lives forever?


Wow. This book.

It was SO much more than a romance (not that there’s anything wrong with ‘just’ a romance of course) but this book really got me.

It’s about self discovery, about being a woman, about turning 30. Yes there was Mack’s POV too about self discovery but being a nearly 28 year old woman, Cleo’s POV really resonated with me!

It was funny and emotional. It had such depth. It had me crying and laughing.

It was cleverly written, the chapter names were funny, it flowed incredibly well.

On top of all of this, the setting, wow the setting. The beautiful descriptions meant I could so easily imagine being on that island…

I simply loved it. If I could give it 6 stars I would.


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