The Embalmer – Alison Belsham


Has the ancient Egyptian cult of immortality resurfaced in Brighton?

When a freshly-mummified body is discovered at the Brighton Museum of Natural History, Detective Francis Sullivan is at a loss to identify the desiccated woman. But as Egyptian burial jars of body parts with cryptic messages attached start appearing, he realises he has a serial killer on his hands. Revenge, obsession and an ancient religion form a potent mix, unleashing a wave of terror throughout the city. Caught in a race against time while battling his own demons, Francis must fight to uncover the true identity of the Embalmer before it’s too late…


I read the first book in this series as part of a book club and didn’t love it, so it’s kind of on me for requesting on netgalley without realising this was type third in the series (and I haven’t read number two).

The book wasn’t awful but it wasn’t great. I struggled with the characters, as I did in the first book and it felt like a lot of filler.

I wasn’t impressed with who the embalmer was and the constant references to her other two books just left me annoyed.

If you liked the first two books then you’ll like this one, if you weren’t keen, I’d steer clear…

I’ve given it a 2/5.

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