How To Kill Your Family – Bella Mackie [SPOILERS]

This is our fifth (May) TsundokuSquad read of the year.

This month we used the bookclub app to facilitate our monthly read. The idea that we can all read at our own ease and uncover each others comments as and when we reach key points in the book. Avoiding spoilers and keeping pace and suspense of reading at your own pace.

Only 6 of us read the monthly read this month, as life was getting in the way for a lot of us.

Book Synopsis:

They say you can’t choose your family. But you can kill them.

Meet Grace Bernard.
Daughter, sister, serial killer…
Grace has lost everything.
And she will stop at nothing to get revenge.


Our Review:

We all really engaged with the narrator from the very beginning. Her pessimistic, sarcastic, dark sense of humour had us all giggling along.

The book swaps between her current situation in prison and her telling her story, which really helped break it up and keep momentum.

The scenes were all easy to picture and the dialogues all believable. It was a compulsive read, needing to know what happened.

Some elements were a little grim and graphic, especially Lee’s scene.

We all ended up feeling for her, finding her so likeable…despite her quite clearly being in the wrong. Clearly the work of great writing.

We all enjoyed the slight twist ending and most of us didn’t see it coming at all.

Ratings wise, we had three 4/5 and three 5/5, which leaves us at a 4.5/5 group rating. Not bad, not bad at all.

My individual rating was 5/5… it was by far my favourite #TsundokuSquad book club pick to date!

As always this book might be one you love or hate, the only way you’ll find out is by giving it a go.

Our June read is The Hive by Scarlett Brade, so keep your eyes peeled for our thoughts on that one!

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