Reading Goals – Check In

It’s June, it’s half way through the year, time to check in on my reading progress against my goals…

📖 125 books in total – 57/150 done, apparently on track according to my goodreads.

📖 52 books with Lisa – we’re on 13 down so far! This one might be a lost cause with life getting in the way for both of us!

📖 12 Tsundoku Squad Books – so far, read all of our monthly books, which is 6/12!

📖 12 never ending netgalley prompts – again, done all of the monthly ones so far, so 6/12.

📖 6 non fiction – I’ve read 4, so 2 more to go!

📖 3 classics – still read none on this one yet!

📖 All of my 22 for 2022 books – I’ve read 10/22 so far of these, with one DNF!

📖 At least 2 NetGalley books a month (and % going up!) – definitely achieved this one so far, hopefully keep this one up to the end of the year. My % has gone from 49% to 54% which might not seem like much BUT I still have 200+ unread ones on my shelf on there!

How are you doing with your goals? 📖 drop in, leave me a comment and let me know!


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