Trick or Treat – Katerina Diamond



When six-year-old Marcus is taken from outside his house on Halloween it shakes his quiet neighbourhood to the core.

Everyone was ready for a night of trick-or-treating. Now the unthinkable has happened.


As Detective Imogen Grey arrives to question Marcus’s parents, they tell her there has been a mistake. Their son is just fine.

But if that’s true, where is Marcus?


Imogen becomes locked in a race against time to find the missing child and uncover the truth. Can she discover what’s happened to Marcus before it’s too late?


I gave this book a 3/5. It was a good enough read but I have a few problems with it that I felt stopped me from rating it higher.

There were too many storylines and characters which jumped too much and it was just confusing. The characters were difficult to connect with as there were just too many ‘main’ characters.

I felt the writing wasn’t actually that good and unfortunately there were elements that were completely unbelievable, for me.

I did however enjoy that it was set near me, in Exeter. It made that a bit easier to connect to.

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