A Midlife Holiday – Cary J Hansson


Helen Winters worries the walls are closing in. With her children grown and her husband literally climbing Mt. Everest on her fiftieth birthday, she regrets not taking the more daring paths she dreamed about in her youth. So when a well-meaning birthday gift reveals a depressing image of her future, she takes a leap of faith and jets off to Cyprus for a vacation  with her two lifelong friends.

Basking in the glorious sunshine and crystal-blue waters while enjoying the attention of handsome European men, Helen starts to feel truly alive. But one of her best friends isn’t in Cyprus for the sunshine and when Helen learns the true reason, tensions threaten their lifelong bond leaving Helen to wonder if she shake off  years of disappointment and claim her well deserved happiness. 

A Midlife Holiday is the affirming first tale in the Midlife Trilogy women’s fiction series. If you like vivacious heroines, relatable humour and re-awakenings of the spirit, then you’ll love Cary’s nuanced take on ageing with attitude.


I really enjoyed the story of this one. It was refreshing take on a difficult topic identity and self discovery.

I did struggle in places when the POV switched without pre-notice. However on the whole this was an easily digestible read at a good pace.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find it as funny as I was hoping. I also struggled with how unfinished it felt but I suppose that makes sense now I know it’s a triology.

The setting was idyllic and the characters interesting – I do wonder if I’d enjoy it more if I was older and could relate more.

I’ve given this one a 3/5.

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