Square One – Nell Frizzell


Everyone is moving on… and then, there’s Hanna

By thirty, Hanna expected to have it all (or at least some of it)

· A fulfilling and successful career 

· A healthy, long-term relationship, maybe even an engagement ring 

· A house (or at least a flat) of her own 

But in reality, she’s back at square one…

· Single after breaking up with someone she’s not sure ever loved her 

· Flooded with wedding invitations and pregnancy scan pictures from friends 

· Unable to afford to live on her own and forced to move in with her father who is also single and dating

Everyone moves at different paces, but Hanna’s life is in reverse. With the pressure to keep up and her dad’s insufferable musings on Tinder, will she be able to figure out what she really wants?


I found this books easy enough to read and follow. I really felt connected to the main character and was invested in her story. I did however keep hoping something big was about to happen and it never really seemed to come. I felt very underwhelmed by the ending.

I’ve given this a 3/5 as if was a pleasant enough read but was expecting more

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