New House, New Bookshelves!

Hello Book Lovelies, 

This is my first ever blog post that isn’t a book review! 

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure what form it would take or what I would end up posting more about! 

Recently, I moved house and life has only just settled back down to even vaguely resemble normality.

I wanted to share with you the single most exciting thing about the new house… my bookshelves. 

I’ve posted a photo and a time lapse videos below, here is hoping it works properly. 

I found it incredibly difficult to decide on HOW to organise the books on the shelves!! Eventually I went for Alphabetical (Author’s Surname) with Classics and Non-Fiction separated below. My other options were:

  1. to be in genre and then alphabetically within but I couldn’t stomach the idea of having some authors split up!
  2. by colour… which i’m sure would look wonderful. Same problem though of having authors split up and also no idea where anything is, ever?!

How do you organise your books? 


  1. The colour approach might make the shelves look attractive but as you say, it's not very practical. I think I'd get so frustrated by having to look everywhere for an author/book. I tried organising mine by categories once – classics/booker prize winners/ translated fiction/ crime fiction – but I somehow ran out of steam with that approach.


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