Rachel’s Holiday – Marian Keyes [SPOILERS]

Our third #TsundokuSquad book of the year was ‘Rachel’s Holiday’ by Marian Keyes. As usual we split the book into parts and discussed as a group, now on Sunday evenings.

Week 1

So most people in the group are absolutely loving this book so far. Finding it hilarious and an all round enjoyable read (a couple are listening to it on audio too which is contributing to this even more!). Also a couple have each read this book and it’s a re-read for them.

We discussed some memorable quotes and funny quips around tinfoil and circumcision but also touched on the fact it’s a serious topic. We noted it was loosely based on first hand experience and also might be written slightly different if released now. We had a good group discussion on how we respond differently.

Interested to see where it’ll go and if Luke will reappear, what happens with Christy and her rehab journey. Will she meet any celebs?

Our ratings for this week are; one person with a 3/5, three people with 4/5 and one at 5/5. Words for this week are below!

Week 2

Those of us that are listening to the audiobook are really loving the narration. Flying though it and really enjoying it, despite the much heavier content this week.

We are all really enjoying Josephine’s character in particular. She’s really coming alive for us!

We feel this is giving a really good insight into how life is for addicts and the whole recovery process! Insightful!

One part that a few of us are enjoying is the flashbacks, feeling that it’s really helping us view the bigger picture.

Interested to see where this is all going…

Our ratings are the same as last week, one at 3/5, three at 4/5 and one at 5/5! Our words are below…

Week 3

This week the section again went very quickly. Most of us really enjoying it. A few people read to the end as they couldn’t stop at the end of this part.

We felt it was fascinating to watch the realisation dawn on her that she was an addict!

It’s interesting how the story now shows their view of Rachel’s world before Cloisters – rather than the one we’ve been told so far…

It’s almost more shocking as Rachel has done such a good job in convincing herself and us, that she was never that bad!

We think the characters are all really strong and in particular are really enjoying Josephine and her ability to pinpoint the real issue! We’re not so sure about Chris but are really feeling for Luke!

Interested to see how it all comes together and ends… will she go back to New York? stay in Ireland? I’d start fresh somewhere new?… bring on week 4!

This week, all our ratings were all 4/5. Except for me at 3/5. Words are below…

Week 4/Last Week

Overall we really enjoyed this book, the storytelling. We felt the ending still had somewhere to go which we figure is why Again, Rachel has come out!

We hated how her family treated her at times, so sad that they couldn’t fully support her and of course hated Chris as well!

We loved sister Josephine and her advice for Rachel when she left. By far our collective favourite character.

We loved the fact she is loving herself again. Respecting herself and allowing herself to be human.

We thought it was brave of her to go back to New York and meet Luke and loved that final sentence.

We all really felt like we went on the journey to her realisation with her, with the way it was told and even with the humour phasing out as I dawned on her. Clever on a few levels.

We are intrigued to see how the next book plays out. Will it reconnect with some of the same characters?

Our overall ratings mostly sit as a 4/5 with two people on a 5/5 and one on a 3/5. Leaving us with a group rating of 4/5. Our words are as below:

Our overall group rating: 4/5

My individual rating: 3/5

You may love this book, you may hate this book – the only way to find out is to read it (if you want!).

We hope you check out all our previous and future book club picks!

Our April is ‘Stargazer’ by Laurie Petrou – so keep your eyes peeled for our verdict on that one!

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