Forget Me Not – Claire Allan [SPOILERS]

Our second #TsundokuSquad book of the year was ‘Forget Me Not’ by Claire Allen. As usual we split the book into parts and discussed as a group, now on Sunday evenings.

Week 1

The prologue immediately had us all gripped and the end of chapter one, leaving us with chills. We’re pretty sure she said to ‘warn them’ meant Rachel and Julie and that the women missing in the prologue is Rachel, in the future.

We want to know how Elizabeth’s daughter Laura died, and thinking it must be connected. Potential the three girls had something to do with it, or Laura’s isn’t actually dead?!

Paul’s scratches? Surely it’s not Paul?! But maybe? Or is that too obvious? Maybe it’s an affair…

We are thinking that as were still hearing from Elizabeth, there must be more to her story or her daughter story.

Interesting to note that we haven’t yet heard from Julie.

One thing that’s clear is that we all flew though the first part and are enjoying it and want to know what’s next!!

Our ratings for this week are split evenly between 4/5 and 5/5. Our words for this week are below.

Week 2

This week the plot thickens. The introduction of the mystery and connecting flowers had us guessing even more. Is there potential that Clare, Rachel and Julie are connected to lashes suicide.

The ‘green bottle’ link from school was creepy and the inaction quote has us thinking. Did the girls do something in school the spiralled Laura’s poor mental health or did they see it and not help maybe?

We’re a little confused as to why Ronan got flowers too, and that we still haven’t heard from Julie?

Upset that Elizabeth chose to speak to the press although we completely get her motives.

Maybe Laura is still alive and Julie is helping her? Who is Michael really? And Clare’s mystery man? We’re also still not convinced of Paul!

Could Ronan have sent flowers to himself to cover his killer tracks? Or is Michael or Paul the real problem? Or are the too obvious? Is Michael killing for someone else?

Could the killer be female (either Laura or the journalist) and they have blackmailed Michael into helping them get revenge by seducing and killing the women?

There are still many questions and we are keen to see what’s next!

We are all on a 4/5 this week and our words are below.

Week 3

This week we found out that beyond doubt this is about revenge. Yet again there are even more unanswered questions. Who stole the photographs? Is the journalist or detective involved? Or both? Is Elizabeth hiding something? Is Laura alive? We’re aware of some red herrings and it’s all still muddled.

One of us had a theory that ‘Michael’ is going to be Clare’s secret boyfriend too but also…Laura’s brother! He could get access to the photos, be really pissed off about his sister taking her own life…We shall see!?!

We think Julie is a little flaky and annoying, and wish we could have her POV somewhere in there!

We’re enjoying how it doesn’t seem like it’ll be super predictable (at least we hope so) and interested to see how it ends. It certainly ramped up this week and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

We’re conscious that these stories must be quite hard to right as the ending has to have the element of surprise without being completely bonkers. We all agreed that we would be really annoyed if the murderer was someone who hadn’t been mentioned!

This week, all our ratings were 4/5. Our words are below.

Week 4/Last Week

So Bex saw the twist coming! On the whole we enjoyed the twist but a few of us were left a bit confused about the very end and what it meant. Who wrote it? Is there going to be a sequel?

I personal don’t like lose ends at all but some of us really liked that the ambiguity it served as a food talking point for the group.

We also had a chat about the book synopsis and our confusion over the first line, we were sure who it was relating to and if we’d all missed something big! It doesn’t make sense at all unless it’s the brother and he was unidentifiable or referring to him leaving in the past…

Elizabeth was hands down the person we all picked as a favourite character and someone we really felt for.

A few were hoping for the twist to be about Laura. But were still happy that the twist was actually a twist though and it didn’t let us down like some previous group reads had. We were all surprised, even with Bex’s guess.

Our final ratings for the book were everyone on a 4/5 and one on a 5/5. This gives us an overall group rating of 4.

Our overall group rating: 4/5

My individual rating: 4/5

You may love this book, you may hate this book – the only way to find out is to read it (if you want!).

We hope you check out all our previous and future book club picks!

Our March is ‘Rachel’s Holiday’ by Marian Keyes – so keep your eyes peeled for our verdict on that one!


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