Third Girl – Agatha Christie


Three young women share a London flat. The first is a coolly efficient personal secretary; the second is an artist; and the third interrupts Hercule Poirot’s breakfast of brioche and hot chocolate insisting that she is a murderer – and then promptly disappears.

Slowly, Poirot learns of the rumours surrounding the mysterious third girl, her family – and her disappearance. Yet hard evidence is needed before the great detective can pronounce her guilty, innocent or insane…


I’ve committed to reading at least a Christie a month throughout 2021 and this was my January pick (at complete random) from my collection. Featuring Hercule Poirot and Ariadne Oliver and set in the 60’s, i thought I would really enjoy this one (once I had got past the hideous cover on my version).

I’m a little disappointed to reveal that I struggled with this story. The writing style was a little different from the ones I’ve read in the past. For most of the book there isn’t a Murder or mystery to solve, which meant I found it very difficult to engage and actually stay interested in the storyline. Of course in the end it was all ‘explained’ but I’m not entirely convinced that I really understand? which is never a great way to leave a mystery book.

There were also a whole heap of coincidences which didn’t sit right with me on this occasion. It was still a good book but not my favourite Christie by a long shot! I rated it a 3/5.


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