Grown Ups – Marie Aubert


Ida is a forty-year-old architect, single and struggling with the feeling of panic as she realises her chances of motherhood are rapidly falling away from her. She’s navigating Tinder and contemplating freezing her eggs – but tries to put a pause on these worries as she heads out to the seaside family cabin for her mother’s 65th birthday. That is, until some supposedly wonderful news from her sister sets old tensions simmering, building to an almighty clash between Ida and her sister, her mother, and her entire family.


I don’t often read translation fiction (if ever)! I did a classic Em and didn’t read the blurb before hand, so was a blind dive into this story, which ended up really surprising me.

It’s only a short book at 110 pages but boy is it a jam packed storyline. A big story that leaves you thinking.

It shines a spotlight on a slightly dysfunctional family and is set in a wonderful backdrop. It made me really think about the books main message and how I see my life unfolding.

I loved the writing style and the descriptions with believable dialogues and situations throughout the story, which really helped me to get lost in the story.

I would have enjoyed it more of it was slightly longer as I desperately want to know how the rest of their stories unfold!!


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