A Wedding In The Country – Katie Fforde


Lizzy has just arrived in London and is determined to make the best of her new life.

Her mother may be keen that she should meet a Suitable Man and have a nice wedding in the country, but Lizzy is determined to have some fun first. 

It is 1963 and London is beginning to swing as Lizzie cuts her hair, buys a new dress with a fashionably short hemline, and moves to a grand but rundown house in Belgravia with two of her best friends.

Soon Lizzie’s life is so exciting that she has forgotten all about her mother’s marriage plans for her.

All she can think about is that the young man she is falling in love with appears to be engaged to someone else…


I really enjoyed this book, especially the characters! A group of friends in London on their own different journeys, right up my street!

I loved the writing style and the dialogues. Each of the characters were carefully crafted and had their own charming quirks.

There were elements which didn’t sit right on my head timeline wise but it didn’t detract too much from the enjoyment for me. This also might be more of a me problem that anything with the book itself!

I thought David was a really excellent character, who I wished featured more prominently in the story!

There were a couple of bits that seemed super unrealistic but I still really enjoyed it! A proper feel good book, just what I needed! I’d be interested in seeing what happens next…


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