Sparkling Cyanide – Agatha Christie


A beautiful heiress is fatally poisoned in a West End restaurant…

Six people sit down to dinner at a table laid for seven. In front of the empty place is a sprig of rosemary – in solemn memory of Rosemary Barton who died at the same table exactly one year previously.

No one present on that fateful night would ever forget the woman’s face, contorted beyond recognition – or what they remembered about her astonishing life.


I enjoyed this story and the character driven mystery. I hadn’t guessed the who-dunnit but I never manage to with Christie so no surprises there!

I really didn’t like any of the characters but in this case I think that’s down to good writing! I could picture each one vividly!

The story did dip in the middle a little for me and I did struggle to keep interest BUT I did enjoy how it all unraveled and came to a conclusion.

I ended up scoring this one a 3/5 stars.


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