Lie Beside Me – Gytha Lodge


You wake up.
You can’t remember what happened.
The man lying next to you is not your husband.
And he’s not breathing . . .

Louise wakes up. Her head aches, her mouth is dry, her memory is fuzzy. But she suspects she’s done something bad.

She rolls over towards her husband, Niall. The man who, until recently, made her feel loved.

But it’s not Niall who’s lying beside her. In fact, she’s never seen this man before.

And he’s dead . . .

As Louise desperately struggles to piece her memories back together, it’s clear to Detective Jonah Sheens and his team that she is their prime suspect – though they soon find she’s not the only one with something to hide.


I didn’t realise before starting that this was part of a series but I don’t think it made too much of a difference that I hadn’t read the others…

I was hooked by this story from the beginning.

I really enjoyed the two different narratives and the storytelling from Louise’s point of view. I did however sometimes find it a little confusing when it switched from one to the other with no warning!

The strong was paced well and was good at building tension. I was in a middle throughout about who to trust and who to feel sorry for…

I did find that the ending felt a little rushed but I still enjoyed the conclusion.


  1. Nice review! I love mysteries like this, but I’m with you…books that switch back and forth between POV quickly irritates me. My current read is doing that and it’s definitely something I don’t like about the book.

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