Poirot Short Stories – Agatha Christie

This 93 page collection of Poirot short stories by Agatha Christie was my first experience of Christie’s short stories and I enjoyed them much more than I thought I would… I gave the collection an overall score of 4/5 but below is what I thought of each story:

The Affair at the Victory Ball

A woman leaves a fancy dress ball early and is later found to have died from a drugs overdose. Hercule Poirot investigates in this, the first story written about him.

A very tidy and clever tale. One where as always, I didn’t guess until the reveal, and I didn’t fully get right away even once it had been revealed! I love the way it was introduced and rounded off. 4/5.

The Adventure of the Clapham Cook

Hercule Poirot refuses to work on anything that isn’t a matter of national security. Instead he ends up on a case looking for a missing cook who left abruptly. As the mystery of the cook unravels, a clue for another crime catches Poirot’s attention…

I enjoyed this one much more than the first story of this collection! I love the Poirot took us on the journey with him, really outlining his thoughts so you could see where it was going! Very satisfying and ultimately a much worse mystery that originally imagined. 5/5.

The Cornish Mystery

Certain that her husband is trying to poison her Mrs Pengelley pleads for Poirot’s help. Not entirely convinced of the accusation he travels down the next day. But is he too late to save to her?

I didn’t enjoy this one too much. It was still an interesting story but I didn’t like how it concluded at all, not very satisfying. 2/5.

The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly

Poirot investigates the kidnapping of Johnnie Waverly, the three-year-old son of a wealthy couple in Surrey. Could the butler be in on the plot? And why were all the clocks in the house set ten minutes ahead at the time of the kidnapping?

This was a very simple, clean and clear cut case with a nice sassy sentence at the end. Less gripping and intriguing but still good. 3/5.

The Double Clue

Urgently called to the house of a jewel collector, Poirot and Hastings attempt to locate the stolen rubies and emeralds, an apparently easy task as the foolish thief has left behind two clues. But Poirot finds himself up against an impressive foe…

I liked this one. Such an obvious conclusion when you’ve been told it, but still very satisfying. 5/5.

The Market Basing Mystery

Holidaying in the countryside and enjoying a quiet breakfast Hastings, Inspector Japp and Poirot are disturbed by a local police officer who needs their help to solve a case. A man has been found shot through the head in a locked room with suicide well and truly ruled out how did he die?

This one was very clever and I had an inkling whilst it was unfolding… neatly concluded and the usual cocky ending 4/5.

Wasps’ Nest

This story sees Hercule Poirot come between a bitter triangle of lovers to prevent a sinister murder before it takes place.

This one probably my favourite of the collection! Very different style of story to the others, preventing a murder with great detective skills. Loved it. 5/5.


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