Let’s talk about big books

I recently had a poll up on my blog about book sizes and I was interested by the results… granted only 90 people voted on this one, but it is still a good enough sample size to notice a clear pattern in the results.

The clear front runner is 300-450, with the next popular at 150-300 pages. only 3% of people favoured books under 150 pages and 6% over 450 pages.

Some of my favourite books have slipped into the 450+ pages category but I must say that on the whole, my sweet spot is between 300-450 pages, along with the majority of votes in my poll above.

However, I am by no means intimidated by larger books and would go as far to say that I don’t usually consider the length of a book when I’m deciding what to pick up next. It isn’t normally a deciding factor in what I decide to read, unlike it is for many others.

Do you agree with this sample survey? or do you have a different favourite size of book? Leave me a comment.


  1. I often used to shy away from the BIG reads as I thought it would take forever to read them. However now I honestly think if the books is gripping or enjoyable then the page length doesn’t always matter. Once I read a 600 page book in a weekend whilst struggling to make my way though a 250 page book in a week. Definitely agree with the stats above though, given the choice a book between 300-450 pages is ideal length 😊

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  2. I would have voted the same way to be honest! I think that 300-450 is pretty much the perfect size for a well rounded story. I have enjoyed quite a lot of chunkier books too but I do shy away from them typically and they end up on my tbr forever because they feel like such a big commitment! x

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