Q – Christina Dalcher



It begins as a way to make things fairer. An education system that will benefit everyone. It’s all in the name of progress.

This is what Elena Fairchild believes. As a teacher in one of the government’s elite schools for children with high ‘Q’ scores, she witnesses the advantages first-hand.

But when Elena’s own daughter scores lower than expected, she is taken away. Elena follows her to her new home. A government institute.

What she finds there makes Elena question everything. Because this world is about perfection – and that comes at a terrible price.


This was my first ever audiobook and I’m so glad I chose this one as it didn’t disappoint!

I really enjoyed Vox, so that knowledge coupled with this one’s synopsis led me to believe this one might be a good one for me. Plus it’s also been recommended to be a whole host of times!

It is a hauntingly realistic story about a mother and the lengths she’ll go to for her children in a society which is quite frankly, terrifying.

It’s made so much more gripping but how realistic the situation could actually be in our future.

The characters, and in particular Elena were done so well and the narration of everyone came through so well in the copy I listened to.

I was walking around like a zombie listening to this story whilst walking the dog needing to know what happened.

I would recommend this one and have rated it a 5/5.


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