No Such Thing As Perfect – Emma Hughes


No one’s life is as perfect as it looks.

Least of all Laura Morrison’s. (Although she’s not sure how perfect hanging onto your job by a thread and sleeping on an air mattress at your sister’s looks, in all honesty.)

When Laura gets the chance to trial Cupid – a high-tech new dating service which will draw on everything she’s ever done online to find her perfect match – she figures it’s got to be worth a try.

She can’t believe her luck when good-looking, kind considerate Adam turns up for their first date. On paper he’s…well…perfect.

But when Laura develops feelings for the person who led her to Adam in the first place, familiar doubt creeps in.

Maybe for life to start falling into place, Laura has to learn to let go…


This book was a quick easy read for me that I read in one day. It was light and funny. I found myself giggling along to Laura’s antics.

It poses some interesting questions around data and matchmaking which could be thought provoking but despite this seeming like it would be the main thread of the story, it wasn’t for me. I felt like more could have done with it, especially as the book was already on the longer side…

I liked Laura and the family elements throughout this story but the ending fell a little flat for me. I much prefer a neatly tied up ending and this one didn’t satisfy in that area unfortunately.

On balance I’ve rated this one a 3/5.

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