A Stranger On Board – Cameron Ward


When ex-marine Sarah French joins a luxury superyacht as on-board security, she’s excited to get her life – and career – back on track.

Surrounded by crystal waters, it seems like the perfect place to start over.

As they head into open water, though, tensions between the crew quickly build. And when someone goes missing, Sarah has a terrifying realisation.

One of them is a killer. All of them are suspects.

To protect the other passengers, Sarah needs to uncover the killer’s identity, and return the boat safely to shore.

But there’s a storm on the horizon – and not all of them will make it back alive . . .


This story got off to a slow start and I wasn’t sure I was going to see it through…

That being said I did really enjoy the main character, Sarah. She was a reason why I kept on reading, she had some depth and I was interested to see where it was all going.

What is the story line had picked up, it was very fast paced which kept me reading. However, the plot is very unrealistic to me.

I also guessed one of the largest twists, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it didn’t shock me.

I’ve gone with a 3/5 for this book. Didn’t laugh it didn’t hate it… I probably won’t go around recommending it.

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